Backpacker’s Itinerary : Night Life in Malacca (Part 3)

So after took a walk in daylight in Malacca and saw a lot of wonderful places there, it’s time to explore the city at night. Taming Sari Tower The Taming Sari Tower was introduced in 2008, this 110m height tower has 80 seats to bring the passengers up to see the beautiful city of Malacca….

Backpacker’s Itinerary : Exploring Malacca (Part 2)

Malacca is such a lovely city, the heritage site is walkable and it is affordable. So if you visit the city, and stay near Malacca river, it is not very far from the heritage area, even the hotels along the Malacca River are heritage. What to do in daytime? Christ Church Cathedral Visit the Christ…