Photography : Sunset in Bali

Photography : Beach at Yogyakarta

Recently I found this picture I have been taken couples years ago when I was still studying at my hometown in Yogyakarta. This picture was taken by my smartphone camera. And I edited using Snapseed application. Time flies so fast that I did not realise that it has been 10 years ago since I was…

Beautiful Sunset at the Top of Parangtritis Beach

It is nice to end 2019 with beautiful view of Sunset at my hometown. Located near Parangtritis Beach, the Paralayang Watugupit is one of brand new travel destinations that attracts so much travelers. Teenagers, families, even couples usually gather here just to watch sunset here.

Bali : The Gorgeous Island (3 Days Visit)

Cultures. Religious Places. Nature. Lifestyle. Fashion. Where you can find them in one place? I say, here it is. B A L I Located in east of Java Island, the Island of Gods, has many secrets to reveal. Bali offers its uniqueness of its cultures, religion, and nature landscapes, even also the modern luxury of…