Sunset and The Journey

It’s already 4 years straight, I’ve been working in a company far away from home. And everyday in dry season, I’ve been lucky seeing the panoramic view from toll road. But it is raining now, and it’s on December until mid March, our city will be covered by cloud and rain. Really miss the sunset…

Scrolling Memories

Just scrolling my old album on Google Drive, then found a video that I created from photo collage for my husband birthday on July 7, 2017. Time flies so fast, we already have our 4th anniversary on November 7, 2019. And there are so many memories we shared together, and I can’t wait for…

#UbahJakarta : The Jakarta’s MRT Project

What is #UbahJakarta? If it translated to English it would be #ChangeJakarta, the phrase means that an effort to reform Jakarta’s image being a better place to live or to work. The hashtag is promoting during the MRT project. If you have ever been going to Jakarta before, you will find the Trans Jakarta and…

My Prayers

It is Wednesday the 20th of March I woke up this morning praying to God, wishing all kindness today God answer my prayers, He gives me a husband that loving me so much He gives me some friends that caring me so much Today is the 20th of March Today I’m turning 31 😊

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton