1 Day in Selangor : Backpacker’s Itinerary (Part 2), A Visit to Batu Caves Gombak

Hey, everyone Happy New Year once again, I wish we have a wonderful year ahead with a lot of traveling as well. 😊

So after I spent some time in Kuala Lumpur (https://themarvelousstory.blog/2019/12/30/1-day-in-kuala-lumpur-backpackers-itinerary-part-1/), I went to Gombak heading to Batu Caves.

Batu Caves located in Selangor, Gombak 15km away from Kuala Lumpur. You can use Grab Malaysia or KMUTER for 11-15RM. Using KMUTER, you have to go to KL Sentral and buy ticket KMUTER at the commuter locket, about 40 minutes trip.

Using KTM (commuter line)

The commuter line is integrated with the complex of Batu Caves, so it will be easier to use KTM, because the station located near the complex area. And do not forget to always check the train schedule in the information board inside the station.

Time Table of KTM
November 2019

According to some articles, the name of Batu Caves derived from the river near the area which called Batu river. This area is one of popular Hindu Temple in Malaysia.

One of Hindu Building inside the area
Flock of Doves is fed by its guardian

Before entering the main complex you will also see flock of doves being fed by the guardian. You can also see the doves inside the main complex as well.

In the Main Complex
The Hindu Complex

The complex consists of a giant Hindu God, claimed as the tallest in the world about 43m tall. And also the rainbow stairs heading to main hall. I do not know how much the stairs are, but it is definitely going to be long trip ahead. And there is no ticket fee to enter this area.

Main Complex area
Long way to main hall

On the way to main hall, please mind your steps because it’s slippery when raining and narrow. Ooh, and one more thing, there are monkeys so you need to be careful, keep your contact off from the monkeys. And my advice is that you should not bring any luggage with you.

The Cave heading to Main Hall

So when you arrive at the top of the stair, you will see the Cave heading to Main hall. The cave is formed by limestones for about 400 years ago. And often used by the pilgrim to pray.

Main Hall
Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Inside this cave there is another stairs heading to another praying building and the Statue of Murugan God.

Another steps

Batu Caves also often used for annual festival called Thaipusam. The festival lasts for eight hours. The international pilgrimage often joined the festival.

The city view from top of the stair

On November, the season sometimes changes so quickly, one time you will feel very hot but in another time will also can be raining quite hard. So always prepare umbrella or rain coat, you do not want to get sick during you trip.

It is quite interesting, and I recommend you to visit this place. However, there are some spots that has not developed well yet.

Street Sign

Surrounding the complex, there are many restaurants and coconut drink seller, you can take a rest there while enjoying the coconut for only 5RM. Then you can continue your trip to another destination.

Buying ticket to another trip

So that’s it my trip to Batu Caves, I hope will give you some useful information. Kindly follow my Instagram @riesti.wd and also follow my blog to join my story trip.

Keep love and caring 😊

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