Part 1 : What To Do Near Kraton Yogyakarta

Hi, it’s been a long time since my last blog, yeah I’m pretty busy these days, and just spare my time to write this blog again. This time I’m gonna share about my holiday back in my hometown, Yogyakarta. I always thrilled when I go back to my hometown. Yogyakarta offers you so many stories, the memory, the culture, the culinary, and tourist attractions.

Kraton is the Palace where the Sultan and royal family of Yogyakarta live. Since my parent house is near the Kraton, I and my husband wanted to explore near our hometown by walking around there.

From my parent’s house, we can take the shortcut through the village’s alley straight to the main road. As you can see, most of the buildings here are still in its original design.

‘Gudeg’ is the traditional cuisine from Yogyakarta, it has unique taste, the mixture between sweet, spicy and tasty. If you visit this city, you can try this local food near Kraton, usually called Plengkung Wijilan. ‘Plengkung’ refers to the Kraton gate which shaped half round.

When you go to the east side of Kraton, the local people usually called Gondomanan, you can see an old building in Gothic architectural style. Actually we can not enter the building because it is belong to someone else’s, but we can take the picture from the vacant field across the building.

Then if you go to the north from the Gothic building, you will find this temple near the intersection.

There’s special place near Kraton called Titik Nol Yogyakarta or Zero Point. This place consists of heritage buildings (some of them still being used for offices), the plaza and museum.

The plaza is often used for tourists or young people to gather usually in the evening enjoying the sunset while chatting with friends. As it’s getting dark, there will also lot of people will come here.

There are also benches and some street lamps provided by the local government.

One of quite unique in this city is you can still see pedicabs here. Yes, pedicabs are everywhere especially in the heart of the city or near the tourist destination, and are often used as the main transportation for local or foreign tourists.

The local government also provides some stands across the plaza for book sellers. Usually, they sell old books or secondary books and also some magazines or newspapers.

And while you walking toward the Kraton, you will find some food stands like chicken satay, martabak. You can find martabak in every region in Indonesia, it is ike dumpling dough filled with marinated copped chicken mix with duck egg and some green onion and then fried until the skin looks crispy.

So that’s it my trip near my parent’s house. I hope it will help you if you are visiting my hometown Yogyakarta, and if you like to know more, please follow my Instagram @riesti.wd and do not hesitate to leave comments or questions. Thanks for reading my blog.

Keep caring 😊

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