5 Steps Planning Your Trip

– The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page – Saint Augustine

Yes, that is true, we have to travel more to see the world. I, myself, have a bunch of travel destination lists I want to visit. Maybe it is too late, I am just aware that traveling is necessary to balance your life. Well, I am an employee and there are so much stressful thing I have been through in my daily activities, and we do not live only for work, right? But hey, there is no ‘late’ to begin something.

And how do I start? Here I share some tips to begin your trip.

Prepare Your Budget

I think, it is the most important thing, your budget. Plan your budget. I, usually plan my budget about a year or at least six months prior if I want to go traveling.

And to go traveling it doesn’t mean you have to travel abroad in the first time. Take one single step to begin your journey. Travel around your country, and if you think you have traveled enough in your country, you can go abroad.

Buy Your Ticket

This is one step ahead you should do, buying your ticket. Usually I will buy my holiday ticket 3 to 6 months prior. Why? Because some travel agencies usually offer some discount so you will get cheaper airplane ticket. Besides, if we don’t have the courage to buy ticket first, plan is just a plan.

Do Some Research

Places Where to Visit

If you have decide how much you will spend in traveling, then do some research about the place you want to go. Browse a lot. It is easy to find all the informations through internet. First, I am gonna search a lot of tourist destinations in that place and find the information about the daily opening and what time do the place close. And how to go there, is there any public transportation or station near the place. And usually I prepare some alternative places in case the place is closed at the time you visit there.

Plan your Itinerary

My Itinerary in Japan

After collecting information about places, how to access them, I will write it down, create an itinerary plan. My itinerary usually contains with the place where I will go, how to access them, what public transportation I’m gonna use, how long I will be there. I give you some example above. If you want to visit the four season country, it will also affect your itinerary plan.

Pack your Things

Just an Illustration

Last but not least is packing your things. Make sure you have enough clothes and don’t over pack your things, because it will make you difficult to bring. And your clothes should fit in with the weather the place you want to go. And don’t forget to bring some medicine in case anything happen there. And only bring money as your budget guide. And one more the important thing is your camera, you don’t want to miss the moments you spend there. So always carry your photography gears.

So that’s it my suggestion of planning your first trip. I hope it will give you some inspiration. I would love to answer your questions if you want to know more how I make the itinerary plan. Thank you for reading my blog and don’t forget to follow my Instagram as well @riesti.wd

Keep caring 😉

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