‘Monggo’ Chocolate : The Delightful of Yogyakarta’s Finest Chocolate

Someone told me that if you feel stressful or need to be relaxed, by eating chocolate can calm your anxiety. Well, that is one of the benefits of chocolate. And this time I will share my story about a chocolatier back in my hometown when I was in college.

Have you ever heard about Yogyakarta? Well, it is located in Indonesia, Java Island. Yogyakarta is a city rich with its culture, unique cuisine, and historical tourists destination. In the early of 2000, the city starts to expand its culinary. Some places start to provide fusion cuisine or international dishes includes the chocolatier.

Chocolate Monggo starts its own business in 2005. Monggo means ‘please’ in English. It is a polite expression in Javanese culture when you invited someone to your place or when someone leaving your place. And that is the spirit they want to give to customers.

The Monggo Shop

The factory is located in one of Yogyakarta’s district called Bantul. The location is quite secluded, but you still can search it in Google Maps. It is about 30 minutes driving from city center of Yogyakarta. And you need to use your own vehicle or rent car or motorcycle because there is no public transportation pass through this location. I know that it is quite difficult to reach this place but I think it is worth to go there.

The Chocolate Museum

In the factory estate, you will find three buildings there which are the shop, the museum and the cafe. They utilize the local heritage buildings. Once you get there, I suggest you to visit the museum first. There will be some staff that will help you explain the museum itself. They also have some educational packages they will offer you. The packages include some chocolate testing and learning how to make one of them.

Boardstory of Chocolate’s History

Back to of how the history of Chocolate Monggo created, in 2001 there was a Belgian man who came to Yogyakarta, as he lived there he couldn’t find a good quality of chocolate there. Then he tried to make one by his own hands and brought them to his Indonesian friends. The reactions of his friends made him create more chocolate and sold them in one of popular university there (the Gadjah Mada University). That was the beginning of first chocolatier in Yogyakarta.

Traditional Tools
Traditional Javanese Building called Joglo

Even they created the model of traditional Javanese building using chocolate.

The Process of Making Chocolate

They use the Museum to share story about how to make chocolate from the first phase and so on. They have creative way to give explanation by drawing the process on walls.

The Chocolate Making Model

They also create some mock-up models to illustrate the making of chocolate in traditional way at that time. It is an appealing way to educate people.

The Audio Visual Room

And there is also the audio visual room if you like to enjoy the history of Chocolate Monggo.

Hall of Fame Chocolate

And they also have the ‘Hall Of Fame’ of Chocolate Monggo. They describe about the history of the changing of their packaging and how many flavors of their products.

The Chocolate Shop

And this is the heaven of chocolate where they sell different kinds of flavor.

As you can see, there are many flavors you can purchase. They always display the flavor on its package so you will know what flavor is that. Or you can always ask the staff about the flavor.

The Cafe

Last but not least is the Cafe. You can order some snacks and drinks here. And they also have some traditional clothes near the museum to be used free if you like to take photos using the outfit.

Have a Nice Chocolate Day

In the Cafe, they serve some kinds of chocolate drinks from the bitter one to the sweetest one, depends on the Chocolate’s amount. And I prefer the middle level.

I guarantee you, if you take a visit for a while to this place you will have a happy chocolate day.

And that is my story about a chocolatier in Yogyakarta, I hope, it will inspire you to come to this place. And thank you again for reading my blog. If you like to know me more please also join me on Instagram @riesti.wd

Bye.. 😊

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