Singapore – Day 2 : The Fast Growing City (Where to Go in 2-Day)

Hi, welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting my blog. And if it your first time visiting my blog, this is my second story when I was in Singapore, you can also read the first one in my previous post.

Before I share my trip in my second day there, I would like to talk about the country itself a little bit.

As I mentioned before that Singapore is an island-city, and located in the southern of Malaysia and near the Indonesia’s Riau’s Island. And I think for Indonesian, Singapore has become main tourist destination because the location itself which is not far from our country so the ticket flight quite cheap.

Sightseeing in Clarke Quay

Heading to Clarke Quay, you can go to City Hall Station or Fort Canning MRT Station. Clarke Quay located along the riverside quay of Singapore River. The place is popular by its waterside restaurants, bars and clubs and also the nightlife. If you come at night, you will see amazing view from the reflecting lights of the restaurants from the Boat Quay.

The Quay Walk

Yo can also have some jogging in this pedestrian walk, and it is very refreshing in the morning.

You also can rent boat to see the view of the city from the river, and I suggest to come at night.

What I like is that we can find a lot of spots in the city to take pictures because the city itself is clean and beautifully arranged with flowers and pedestrian walk.

Merlion Park

Merlion Park is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore, and it’s Singapore landmark. The place located near the Central Business District.

The Merlion is a lion’s head with fish body and it has become mascot of this country. The landmark located at the waterfront of Merlion Park.

And it will be very hot in the midday, so be prepare. The Merlion Park in the high season will be full of people. You will find it difficult to take pictures.

And if you like to see the beautiful landscape of the city along with Merlion Park, you can go above to the bridge and see the view from above.

Chinese Garden and The Twin Pagoda

Chinese Garden is a large park located in Jurong East. It’s only 10 to 15 minutes walk from Chinese Garden MRT Station.

The entrance way lead by wooden bridge. The red color of the bridge is a symbol for good luck.

Once you get inside, there will be two ways that lead you to different park. In the main gate, you will also see two lions representing authority and as a guardian. On the left side, you will see the 7 storey red Pagoda with 48metres high.

The 7 storey pagoda also known as Cloud Piercing Pagoda.

If you go around the park through the pedestrian walk you will see some historical statues.

The twin Pagoda consists of three storey Pagoda, named as Cloud Wrapped Pavillion and Moon Receiving Tower.

There’s plenty of tourism destinations in Singapore, if you go to Chinatown, just take a visit to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple near the area.

And also don’t forget to visit the Orchard Road in the night. There will be some attractions present by local artist.

I suggest you to visit this country in particular events, because there will be so much decorations based on the particular themes.

That was my last day in Singapore, and I was so impressed of the beautiful city. I hope you enjoy my stories and if you like to know about me more, you can follow my Instagram @riesti.wd

Thanks and keep caring 😊

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