Singapore – Day 1: The Fast Growing City (Where to Go in 2-Day)

Hi, welcome back to my blog and this time I’m gonna share my experience when I was in Singapore last year. In was a wonderful season when I’m going there because it was on late of November and the theme of their public places is Christmas.

Singapore as you know, it is a beautiful island city located in southeast Asia, and one of the most advanced city. They have both modern and culture touch. They rich of cultures from Chinese, Indian, and Malay. The advanced technology include the MRT has eased people to transfer from one place to another. It connected in every part of the country, include the tourist destination. To use the MRT, you must have the MRT card, you can purchase it at the airport, and it easy to use. You can top up the card anywhere in the station.

So let’s we dig in deeper the tourism places there.

Gardens by The Bay, The Plant Conservation

Gardens by The Bay located near the Bayfront Station. The venue open daily at 9.00 am to 9.00 pm with admission fee for adults around $30 and for children $15, but you can also buy the ticket online.

As you can see, from the entrance way you can enjoy the view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Gardens by The Bay has many attractions to offer including the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. To reach this location, you can use inner looping shuttle.

Flower Dome is an enormous park inside the Dome structure with a conditioning system in it. You can see flowers bloom, the planted flowers usually based on the themes of some events like Christmas, Chinese New Year or Cherry Blossom season.

When I was there it was the Christmas season, so the flowers bloom mostly are the Poinsettia flower and pine trees which is decorated by Christmas stuff.

It was bright and beautiful warm color from the flowers. You can resist not to take pictures of every flowers there. 😊

The place is incredibly beautiful and huge, the have 2 – story of plants display.

The first story is mostly decorated by the current themes. Just I told you before, when I went there it was Christmas season. So there would be full of Christmas decorations, pine trees.

So much greenies there, if you curious about the plants, you also can learn from the explanations below the trees or plants. This place is also used for education for students visit. And inside, there’s also restaurants for visitors, and it can be used for wedding purpose.

In the high season, there will be a lot of visitors to come. As you can see behind me, there would be no empty space to take photos. Haha

I love the arrangement of the plants, it is beautifully designed. You will not disappointed to go there.

As fantastic as the flower dome, the cloud forest located just beside the flower dome.

When you enter the cloud forest, you will be welcoming by the wonderful waterfall. It is designed with the lights behind it.

And just like the Flower Dome, the trees in Cloud Forest is planted under the Dome structure. Mostly of the plant are the trees from tropical plants.

The Singing of Super trees Structures

The Super trees structures located outside the Dome building. The Super trees are also decorated based on the event calendar. Usually at 8.00pm there will be attraction displays.

There’s also a plaza where people gather to watch the performances of the Super trees. They would display the advanced of their lighting techniques of the super trees and also play some songs related to themes. It just like the trees are singing with joyful and brightest colors.

I was so happy to enjoy the moments, I suggest you to visit this country in the special events like I did, though it also beautiful in other days.

One more benefit to visit this place is you can enjoy the city scene of Singapore at night. Decorated with dramatic lighting of the building and blend with the reflection of its.

Soo that is my first day in Singapore. Because of lack of time, I only visited one place in day 1 but it is worth to visit.

Again, thank you for reading my blog and I hope it can be useful as your reference. And if you like to know me more just visit and follow my Instagram @riesti.wd

Thanks and keep caring 😊

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