Tokyo : The Fascinated City (Day 5)

Welcome again to my blog, and thank you for reading my blog. If you follow my stories in my previous posts, this is the last post of my Japan trip series. In the last day of my trip, I didn’t visit much places because I’ve already exhausted and one of the place is closed due to their regular ceremony.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

This is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. The Palace is a huge complex consist of main
Palace, museums and administrative buildings.

I suggest you before go to this place, you have to make sure its opening schedule, the day and time. Because when I went there it was closed because of some Imperial event inside.

The nearest station is Takebashi station.

Outside Imperial Building

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is communication and observation tower in district of Minato, Tokyo. Its height is around 333m. You can go to Kamiyacho Station to reach this place then have a for 10 minutes.

The structure is similar with Eiffel Tower and it painted with orange color.

Tokyo Tower from distance

Completed in 1958, it attracts many visitors. It has four story buildings under the tower, tourists can visit the two observatory deck which is located in 180m and 250m height.

The Second Tallest Structure in Japan

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Market is a market district near Tsukiji Station. The place is popular with the sushi restaurants and the market. When you get there, you will find mostly sushi restaurants along the alley.

This is Sushi Heaven

In this place you can find fresh and processed seafood, which I think this is the best place to enjoy fresh food.

Look at photo above, how can you deny such a delightful food. I recommend you to visit this place and buy some food here or have a lunch in one of the restaurants there.

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is also popular in Tokyo, actually it is offices complex but the main attraction is in the plaza outside the buildings. They have a giant spider there and usually the have some themes to display along this plaza.

The Giant Spider
The Office Tower

To go to this place, you only have to go down in Roppongi Station. It connected directly to this plaza.

Shibuya Crossing

Aaand the last but not least, this is the most popular and important place in Tokyo, which you can find in near Shibuya Station, and it a must be place to visit. The Shibuya Crossing, actually nothing very special about this places, you will see the ordinary shopping malls or shops along the pedestrian street. But there is one unique scene there when the traffic light goes red then you will see hundred people crossing this intersection.

Shibuya Crossing

That makes this place unique and interesting. You just can’t miss it, you have to experience crossing the road with so many people around you. It’s just soo fascinating.

And that was my last night in Japan, there’s so much memories to take and keep. I hope my stories could inspire you. And if you like to know me more, follow me on my Instagram @riesti.wd

Thanks and keep caring 😊

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