Chureito Pagoda – Lake Kawaguchiko – Fuji Shiba-sakura : A Visit to The Exquisite Places (Day 3 & 4)

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Hi, welcome back to my blog, and thank you for reading this blog. This time I will share my trip visiting Yamanashi Perfecture in Japan, which is the place with so much histories and beautiful landscapes. So don’t miss it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yamanashi Perfecture is the place where Mount Fuji located. There are so much place you can visit when you go there. I think it is not enough to travel there in one day, I suggest you to spend a couple nights there to explore many destinations which is worth to go. It is easy to find hotels or guest houses there. If you go with some of your friends, I suggest you to rent a guest house which is you can find it on websites like Airbnb.

To visit Yamanashi, you can use public transportation like bus, or train. To go by train, you must go to Shinjuku Station then take the Chuo Line to Otsuki Station, then you will be transferred to the Fujikyuko Line which is heading to Kawaguchiko Station.

Fujikyu Train

Chureito Pagoda

The first place I visited in Yamanashi is the Chureito Pagoda. To reach the Pagoda, you can take train from Kawaguchiko Station to Shimoyoshida Station.

Tourism Train to Shimoyoshida Station

The train is quite unique because inside you can see the different arrangements of the chair from ordinary train.

Once you arrived in Shimoyoshida Station, don’t worry about getting lost here, because there are a lot of signage heading to Chureito Pagoda.

Beautiful Arrangement of Flowers and the Signage

Even they decorate the signage with beautiful flowers. They also get the path paved with some pictures so people will know where to go.

Follow the Paving Path

Chureito Pagoda is known for its five stories Pagoda facing the Mount Fuji on a hilltop. And you have to go through a couple hundreds of steps to get there.

Just go through these steps

It will be very exhausting to pass these steps, you have to take a break a couple times just to get the air more (if you don’t exercise regularly it will be very hard ๐Ÿ˜‰). But it’s worth to try, because you will find an amazing city landscape up there.

The City View from Uphill

In the late of April, I still can find cherry blossom here though only few trees still bloom.

Cherry Blossom

Once you get to the top of the steps, you will see the Sakura tree. In the spring season, it will welcoming the guests with its cherry blossom. And that will be a good spot to take photos.

Chureito Pagoda from above

This is the place where most of the tourists take photo the Chureito Pagoda with the Mount Fuji background. I suggest you to go before sunset to get the dramatic scene of this place. And also before you go, you should take a look the forecast here, it helps you get to know if the Mount Fuji is clear or cloudy.

The Chureito Pagoda

When I visited the place it was cloudy, so I didn’t get the Mount Fuji background from Chureito Pagoda.

And the trees around the Pagoda will change colors based on the seasons. If it spring it will have pink color with Sakura in bloom. And will change into red in autumn.

But, sadly I didn’t get nor the spring color or the Mount Fuji background.

Other Spot to take pictures

Well, if your plan didn’t go as your wish at least you can take some pictures more as memories.

Shimoyoshida Station

The station is served until 11.00 pm, and you don’t need to worry if there is no one there, you just have to tap your card then go to the platform. The train will be coming as scheduled.

Lake Kawaguchiko

According to the most articles, this lake is the most easily accessible lake amongst the five lake in Yamanashi. You can reach this lake by bus or train. And the lake is surrounded by hot spring resorts or hotels. If you like to go around this lake, you can take the connection tourist bus from Kawaguchiko Station to Oishi Park.

The Kukuna Hotels

The Kukuna Hotel is one of the luxury hot spring hotel near Lake Kawaguchiko. You can see the amazing view of Mount Fuji across this hotel.

Mount Fuji captured from Hotel Car Park

If the weather is clear you can see the beautiful view of Mount Fuji from the lake.

The tourists bus will stop in each point, there is also map in each shuttle so you will know where to go and where you are now. If you want to go down, you just have to push the sign button so the driver will stop the bus. You can buy a looping ticket from the station if you want to go to all places, but if you only want to go to some places you can pay when you go down. And if you finish with one place, just go to the shuttle nearby, the bus will pick you up.

The last destination of the bus is Oishi Park. The park is located in the northern coast of the lake and I think this is the best spot to see the lake and Mount Fuji both at the same scene.

The park contains of various type of flowers based on the seasons. The flowers bloom along the promenade.

The Exquisite Views of Mount Fuji

This is what I mean, you can take pictures the lake with Mount Fuji behind it. The flowers enhance the dramatic view of the lake and Mount Fuji.

There is also store which sells some souvenirs, and some food there. You can enjoy the view while relaxing on the bench nearby.

Another Spot

Don’t get satisfied too fast because some spots has its own beauty to explore. You always can find interesting spot to take pictures. And I think this place will be very beautiful in early morning.

Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival

Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival or moss phlox festival is a rare event which is held on mid April until late of May. This event consists of the display various type of Flowers and some bazaar stalls contain of food and souvenir shops. There is also some magical attraction in the plaza.

To reach this place you can go to the Shibazakura Festival stand in the Kawaguchiko Station to get the ticket. The ticket includes the transport to get there and the entrance fee.

The Shiba-sakura Ticket

This is a huge park where around 800,000 moss phlox will bloom to decorate the park with colorful blossoms.

The Pink Color cover the Ground

Shiba-sakura is a species of phlox and when they bloom they will cover the ground, it is originally from North America. The plants resemble us of cherry blossom.

And the site also has a good view of Mount Fuji. If the weather is clear you will see Mount Fuji behind the landscape, and it will be very amazing pictures to take.

And that is my trip to Yamanashi Perfecture. Actually there are so much interesting places in this city, but because of lack of time I’ve only got around three places to visit.

And I will give you some suggestions about this trip. Before you get to this place, I advice you to look at the forecast, it is important because it will let you know if the weather near Mount Fuji is clear enough or not. And if you have a lot of budget, you must stay at least one night at the luxury places near the Kawaguchiko Lake. Here you can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji everytime you want. But it’s okay if you don’t have enough budget, you still can stay in the guest house near the location. The advantages if you stay in the guest house are you live like local people. The house usually is owned by locals. They usually friendly and they don’t bother to pick you up at station.

You will also experience the living way of Japanese, using the tatami as bed. And I feel so grateful I can experience this, there will be no greater way than to feel others culture.

Thank you for reading my blog, and this is my day 3 and 4 visit Japan. I will updates the last day as soon as I can. Comments and any suggestions are very welcome to make my blog became better. And if you like to know me more you can follow my Instagram @riesti.wd

See ya on my next blog post. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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