Tokyo : The Fusion of Ancient and Modern City (Day 2)

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Last time I was posting about my first day trip in Japan, now I’ll continue my stories of my trip in Japan. So, check it out 😊

Day 2 : Ueno Park – Meiji Jingu – Memory Lane Alley

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a huge public park near Ueno Station in Taito, Tokyo. The park is popular for its celebration during cherry blossoms in spring and for hanami tradition. Hanami is translated as ‘flowers display’, it refers to the cherry blossoms or Sakura trees. In modern way, the tradition includes having outdoor lunch or dinner with the family beneath the sakura trees.

The public park consists of some museums inside, different types of trees, small lake, and along the entrance way are cherry blossoms trees. To visit this place is free from ticket fee.

Entrance way Ueno Park

During the cherry blossoms season, the entrance way is full of Sakura flowers. Unfortunately when I came there it was in the late of April, at that time the Sakura trees in most parts of Tokyo weren’t bloom anymore.

Besides museums, there is also temple here. The Gojōten Jinja (Hanazono Inari Jinja) is a Shinto Shrine, when you enter through the gate, you will lead by the stairs down to the temple. The entrance of this temple resembles us of the Fushimi Inari in Kyoto.

Gojoten Jinja gate
Entrance way leading to Temple
The Temple

In every shrine I visited, there are always that two things above. The first picture just like wishing board, you can write your wish or your pray or even you can write a prayer for someone else in that board. To get that board, you must buy from the souvenir shop near the shrine, I don’t really remember the price but the range is about 500yen or something.

Chozuya, the wash basin

You can find chozuya in the entrance of all shrines or temples. It is used to purify yourself before making a prayer in Japan.

Meiji Jingu Park

Meiji Jingu Park located near Harajuku, Tokyo. To visit this place, you can use the train and go to the Harajuku Station. The southern entrance park is behind the Harajuku Station, you only have to walk for 5 minutes to reach this place. This place opens daily at around 6.00 am to 05.00 pm and the admission ticket is free.

Harajuku Station

You also can go to the Yoyogi Station for the northern entrance. Both of the entry gate has a massive landmark gate named torii gate, maybe it’s a 10m tall gate.

The Massive Gate

Along the way heading to the main building, you will see all green landscapes, with various types of trees and shrubs both on your left and right side.

The Spacious Promenade

The park consists of the main buildings which is located in the center of the park, yoyogi park and huge area of forests.

Sake Barrels

Along the way, you also can see the display of sake barrels which is placed in ceramics and wooden barrels.

Another Gate heading to Main Building
The Shrine Gate

Behind this gate, there is main building across the gate, the main building is the Shrine where local people pray.

The Main Building
Wishing Board or Ema

Memory Lane Alley

Memory Lane or Yakitori Alley or Omoide Yokocho in local language, located in Shinjuku, you can take the train heading to Shinjuku Station and then take the east exit and walk for about 15 minutes to this alley. It is signed by green neon light as the alley’s gate.

The Memory Lane Alley

This narrow alley is linked around 60 food stalls, where the locals usually have a relaxed chit – chat with their office mates after a whole day work.

This alley becomes popular and many tourists visit this place to feel the atmosphere of local culture. I suggest you to visit this place at night. The atmosphere will be different. You can feel the warm and charm of this place decorated with lighting and Japanese accessories. You also will see smoke everywhere comes from the bars.

This is the place where locals have a relax time

And what dishes do they serve here? Most of all serve local traditional food named Yakitori, it means meat skewers, and of course cold beer, the best drink to enjoy the yakitori.

Outside the Memory Lane Alley

It is true that between the tradition and modern place in Tokyo is blending well, when you go outside the Memory Lane Alley, you will find the Metropolis city where tall buildings exist.

Well, this is Japan with the never ending night world. And that is my second day in Tokyo. The next blog post I will explore my day 3 and 4 trip in Fuji Yoshida or Mt. Fuji, so wait for my next updates.

Thank you for reading my blog, please follow and give comments and suggestions on my blog so I can get better in writing my blog. And if you like to know me more you can follow my Instagram @riesti.wd

Have a nice day and keep loving.. 😊

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    Great photos and great writing! I loved Tokyo.

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      Thanks 😊

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