Bali : The Gorgeous Island (3 Days Visit)

Cultures. Religious Places. Nature. Lifestyle. Fashion. Where you can find them in one place? I say, here it is.


Located in east of Java Island, the Island of Gods, has many secrets to reveal. Bali offers its uniqueness of its cultures, religion, and nature landscapes, even also the modern luxury of living style. They blend in one place and synchronize beautifully.

I was never feel tired of going to Bali. This was my third time, and always as excited as it was my first time. Going to Bali is very easy, you just got to buy ticket flight to Ngurah Rai International Airport which located in the heart of the Island, Kuta. If it is your first time travel there, I suggest you to googling a lot about the destinations and how to access them. There are also many rentals cars or motorbikes, which you can book online via their website. They usually offer you to be picked up in airport or anywhere you want. The price range is also quite cheap between 275K – 400K (in rupiahs) for city cars. You also can find hundreds of hotels, resorts, or guesthouses with various price range from the cheap one to the very expensive one (it depends on your budget). And also I suggest to go in the middle of the year between March to October, it will be very nice weather to go. And do not forget to prepare your gears like sunblock, sun cream, beach dress, party dress (if you like to go to the clubs), sunglasses, and of course camera.

Land Of Beauty

I call it ‘Land of Beauty’ because Bali has so many natural attractions, you name it, beaches are everywhere to find, mountainous landscapes in the north side, traditional villagers in the middle of Bali, and if you like to go solitaire there is also hidden waterfall you can find. And you will never be satisfied of Bali, there must be something new to explore and to enjoy.

The Floating Sacred Temple Ulun Danu Beratan

Located in the western side of Beratan Lake in Bedugul, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours drive by car from the city center (for about 56km from Denpasar city). It is one of the best panoramic landscapes and tourists attraction. It is also known for the water temple which is situated in the side of Lake Beratan.

The place is open daily from 08.00 am to 05.00 pm. I suggest you to come before sunset, you will see the beautiful temple with sunset background. You can also rent a local boat to go around the lake. But last time I visit there I was not lucky enough, because it was raining.

It was raining quite hard, so I can not see the sunset background

To enter this complex, you have to pay the parking fee (if you bring your own vehicle) for about 7.500 – 10.000 rupiahs, and also the entrance ticket 50.000 rupiahs for adults, and 20.000 rupiahs for children.

The Culture Village of Penglipuran

Cultures. One word the most describe about Bali, and we can find it in this village.

Located in the Regency of Bangli, this village is one of famous destinations in Bali. It about 54km from Denpasar city or 1.5 to 2 hours driving. This village complex consists of the traditional arrangement of guesthouses, the temple, and bamboo forest.

The Arrangement of Traditional Village in Penglipuran

The beautiful arrangement of sloping traditional village attracts more tourists to visit this place. You can also stay in their guesthouses it costs 375k rupiahs/room/night. You will experience the cultures and interactions with the locals.

The bamboo forest located in the north side of Penglipuran Village. It is connected with local road, so you must be careful if you want to take pictures there, because there are motorcycle and cars passing through this road.

Path heading to Penglipuran Village from Bamboo Forest

The Hidden Beauty of Tukad Cepung Waterfall

This is another side of Bali, the Tukad Cepung Waterfall also located in Bangli, it is only about 12km from Penglipuran Village or 20 minutes driving. So I suggest you to visit these two places in one day.

To reach this destination, you have to walk for about 20 minutes and step down a little bit.

After stepping down, you will find another stream

After stepping down, you will find another stream and this time you have to go through the stream. I suggest you to walk with barefoot because it is slippery there. It takes less than 15 minutes to find the waterfall.

The Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Then, here it is the waterfall. It is really worth it to come here. It takes time to take your pictures, because a lot of people also want to take pictures. I suggest you to come in the morning, to avoid the busy hours.

The entrance ticket fee is quite cheap about 10k rupiahs and for the parking fee is free.

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud

Another interesting place in the middle of Bali, The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Located in Padangtegal Ubud, Bali, this is the place for the long tailed Monkey in Bali. It is about 24 km from Denpasar City or 1 hour driving.

Some rules must follow

The Sacred Monkey Forest complex is about 12.5 hectares area consists of about 700 monkeys, and various types of trees and plants, also temples.

Along the way entering this place heading to the plaza, you will see monkeys from different ages. They usually walk in group and they like to play with each other. You must be careful and keep distance because they can take some of your stuff that will attract them. But it is safe to take pictures with them as long as you follow the rules. There is also the guardian who will help you in case something happens (but hopefully not).

You can find a lot of interesting spots to take pictures here.

This place is open daily from 8.30 am to 06.00 pm. The entrance ticket fee is 50k rupiahs for adults and 40k for children.

Suluban Beach and Balangan Beach

The last but not least is the beaches. This time I visited two beautiful beaches near Uluwatu. It is 30km from Denpasar city or one hour driving. This place are the two most beautiful beaches in Bali. To reach Suluban Beach, you must walk down a little bit through concrete stairs for about 10 minutes walk.

These two beaches are the top surfing beach. If you like surfing, then these beaches must be on the top of your lists.

Another spot in Suluban Beach

The Balangan Beach located in Uluwatu, only 30 minutes driving from Suluban Beach. Before heading to the beach, there is beautiful spot from the hill above to take pictures.

So, that’s my 3 days visit to Bali, I hope my story can be used as references for you to visit beautiful attractions in Bali. I will updates another story of my holidays. And if you like to know more about me, you can visit or contact me through my instagram @riesti.wd

Thanks for reading my stories, please leave comments and suggestions for my better blog.

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  1. That waterfall looks amazing! It’s definitely on my list. Thanks for all these suggestions, will sure check them out when I’m there in June. How long is enough time to spend in Bali do you reckon?


  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

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